Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recon Missions: Rockport

One fine Saturday, while I was working at the Gloucester Market Basket, I decided that it was time for another Recon Mission. On my lunch break, which has recently been designated ‘skate time,’ I took a drive into neighboring Rockport in search of some new spots. Since I don’t actually know my way around Rockport, or Gloucester for that matter, I just kept on driving until I came to the ocean.

The pier I had found happened to have a brick building (the one straight ahead on the GoogleMap) that serves as the Harbormasters office and the public restrooms. The handicap ramp to this building has the prefect two-tier green rail that is a great session spot.

The lower portion of the rail juts out just enough to do frame and soul grind variations. The high tier, which is slightly higher than the average handicap rail, isn’t for beginners but is perfect for any confident booter with a solid vertical leap.

The only downfalls to this great spot are that it can only be skated when the harbormaster isn’t around (I usually go on Saturdays), and there are always lots of people getting in the way (since it is the public restrooms of a tourist town).

If you are patient, though, and you have the right ability, this spot is a great one on the North Shore. The view and breeze of the ocean create a perfect atmosphere; and skating for the crowds can be fun too.

I hope you get a chance to check this one out and be sure to come back soon for more of my Recon Missions here at Skate Sessions.




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