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Park Profiles: Doncaster Avenue, England (by Richard Odams)

This is the second contribution to Skate Sessions from our friend across the pond, Richard Odams. This time he shared some specs and images of the Doncaster Avenue Skate Park (Sandiacre Parish Council), located at Doncaster Avenue, Sandiacre, Derbyshire, England.

This is a two-level concrete park; which also contains a BMX dirt track at the same location.
On the top level is a 4ft high spine and a 4ft long metal bench.

On both ends of the top level there are flat ramps leading down to the lower section. One of these ramps has a three-set of stairs next to it; this ramp also has a 6ft long round metal rail running down the center of it.
On the lower section, there is a 4ft long two-level box, which has round coping on the high section and a waxed ledge on the lower one. 

There is also an 8ft long round rail, which has a slight C-curve to it. 

In the middle of the park, making up part of the wall between the two sections, is a 10ft long wall that is fitted with round coping on both sides so it can be hit from both the bottom and top sections.

This is another decent looking park that I wouldn’t mind getting a little session on. Thanks for the submissions Rich!

Perspective (by tony333)

Special thanks for the music by: Eaters - Co-Axial Escapement (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Eaters/Watchmaker_Co-Axial_Escapement/12_CoAx­ialEscapement) Jared C. Balogh - Pulling Myself Up Through (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Balogh/Chaotic-Life-Fin/109_jared_c__balogh_-­_pulling_myself_up_through)

Jurassic Park Official Blade Edit (by Just Live Productions)

Jurassic Park Official Blade Edit from Just Live Productions on Vimeo.

Official Jurassic Park Blade Edit Starring Chris Burns,Justin Miller,Tom LiPani,Yandriel Silverio,Raven Guerra,Maxx Rensen,Jonathan Gmr Rizzo,Jason Stalvey,Cassandra Condon,Brian Batinchok, & Craig Ritter

Shima Skate Manufacturing Edit with Brian Shima, Joey Chase, Montre Livingston, John Bolino & more

MONTAGE#5 from Brian Shima on Vimeo.

First Blood BrianShima,JoeyChase,MontreLivingston,John Bolino,Oli Short,MarcMoreno

Second Blood MattySchrock

Prospect PacoRey

Guest Video JonJenkins

Karina de Leon (Mexico): 2011 Edit

"este año que paso, caí me levante, conocí tome tire aprendí y sobre todo patine este año que paso, Sali a hacer lo que mejor se hacer =) patinar"

Dima Makrushin (Russia): Summer 2010-2011 Edit

WU from LSM on Vimeo.

Dima Makrushin summer 2010-2011
Supported by Razors, Anteater, Dragon
Filmed by Alexander Golovkin, Andrew Kachaev
Music: Wu-Tang Clan - 4th Chamber
Special thanks to Madcat

Check LSM Episode 1 http://vimeo.com/35695700

A-Town Stomp 2011: Edit (by Brandon Andersen)

A-Town Stomp 2011 from Brandon Andersen on Vimeo.

On Sunday August 7, 2011 the second annual A-Town Stomp occurred. A few days before everyone anticipated a newly acquired ditch spot that had been built for the event but, that turned into a bust with police. So the meeting spot was changed to Atlanta's newest outdoor skatepark Fourth Ward which proved to be a not so bad Meeting/Warmup spot.

The first spot was this stair rail handicap rail. The car I happened to be in get to the spot first and as soon as I got there I started to set my camera up b/c I knew this rail was about to be destroyed. One person that stands out in my head is Yannes Sootes who recently moved out to Marietta, GA from NY. As soon as he got out of the car and strapped his skates on he showed that he was a force to be reckon with. Highlights he had were Topacid to True Acid cab out and Topsoul to soul to AO topsoul. Another person who really skated hard at the first spot was Arsenio Patterson. For those that don't know Arsenio has been around for a while and showed that regardless how many recent edits you have seen of him he still has it. Some highlights he had were backroyale to Truesoul cab Backroyale, and also Topsoul to truesoul back to topsoul. But, with those tricks Daniel Henderson came out and delivered with what may possibly be the longest back Pudslide ever done which ultimately I think got best trick.

Spot two was a spot I had always wanted to go to but, just never had the opportunity it's called M.L.K. two blue line square rails that are small which create the possibility of amazing tricks. Don't let the smallness of the rail fool you because everyone who skated the spot had scrapes to prove it. As I heard someone say "The ground is like a cheese grater." Some highlights include Mark Wojda Ao topsoul cab out on the dumbest downledge ever simply put they are very steep and on top of that people were hitting it after coming off the first rail which made it to where they were going that much faster. Shane Thompson hit the first downledge with a crazy negative acid. Landon Jordan also showed he had skill with a backfast on the first set, a huge 180 over the second set and a nice laid out fakie backflip over the third set which was only six stairs by the way.

The final spot was super intense it was a disaster rail with a few other obstacles including a neck high down rail and a huge stair gap in which didn't phase me that you could gap it until Arsenio Patterson and Landon Jordan both had 180'd it Landon tried to 360 it and Arsenio tried about 6 times to 540 it both of which became unsuccessful. Daniel Henderson decided it would be tight to backroyale 270 out to forward the neck high down rail in which to hit hit you had to roll a sidewalk run through grass and plant your feet on another 4 foot sidewalk then jump up to this neck high rail. Everyone started to look at the disaster but, it was Chico Suave to try and hit it first and show everyone it was do-able. First try Chico was unsuccessful but, next try he landed a clean backfarv. Daniel Henderson decided he wanted a go at it and chose to backroyale it. But, the definite highlight of this spot was Shane Thompson with a disaster front unity.

After the contest was said and done everyone moved to Jack's Pizza & Wings to fill up on much needed food and beer. The Place didn't expect so many people so some people didn't get their order at all others waited 45 minutes to get a drink. In the end Jack's hooked it up with free food and all people had to pay for was drinks. Not only did they hook that up they gave everyone $10.00 Customer appreciation cards in which whenever you go back and bring that card $10.00 of your meal is free.

After a long deliberation between the Judges Daniel Henderson was crowned winner of A-Town Stomp Twothless with Arsenio Patterson in a close second and a tie between Mark Wojda and Shane Thompson.

After the prizes were given the place seemed to settle down and everyone had seemed to leave except for a few of us. At one point and time Daniel Henderson went to the bar to get a drink came back and told us this story how he put his wallet in his pants pocket but, both pockets had complete holes in them making it impossible for the wallet to stay in them. So we searched the bar for nearly an hour maybe more and K.J. had work the next morning and the wallet was nowhere in the pizza/bar/wings place. So we had to leave, the next night Daniel called me b/c I had told him I was making him a highlight tape of what he did at the contest so he could send it to Billy O'Neill and try to get into the NYC invitational. While talking to him I asked him if he ever found his wallet just to see if maybe someone turned it in or it was found after The pizza place closed. In the end it was found in the car that he rode in and was never in Jack's at all.

Thanks too everyone that attended the event

The sponsors: Inline Warehouse, Aggressive Mall, Razors, Be-Mag, A Chosen Few

Also thanks to Jack's Pizza and Wings for everything they did that night.

Drunk Edit: Sober Sessions with Alex Broskow (2010)


First ever sober drunk edit. With alex broskow, dean coward, and victor arias. NO ONE WAS DRUNK/INEBRIATED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS

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Downloads of the Month: January 2012

We're back in action with some fresh new downloads for your viewing pleasure. This month we're dropping 2 Senate team videos: Day of the Rope and Standfast. Both are sick old-school videos from one of the companies that started it all. Each video is available to download in AVI, M4V and TPB torrents... Standfast can also be downloaded in MP4. "Day of the Rope" The Day of the Rope is more than just a skate video. Make no mistakes, it does contain the best footage of the best rollerbladers in the world, but its purpose is greater than just that. Consider the best Senate riders, not just as the best team or rollerbladers ever assembled on the face of the Earth, but also as messengers of a new era. With the release of this video begins the official countdown to THE DAY OF THE ROPE. So to any-one who has ever crossed a rollerblader, beware. To anyone who has ever raised a fist, shouted an insult or even so much as directed a dis-approving look towards a rollerblader, your days are numbered. We are gathering our troops. Our numbers are already strong, and they are growing. To rollerbladers, this is a call to arms... To everyone else, this is a warning... THE DAY OF THE ROPE IS COMING. Arlo Eisenberg: Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil Mike Scott: Misfits - Last Caress Eitan Kramer: Metallica - Dyers Eyes Eric Shrijn: Tribe Called Quest - Youthful Expression BMX: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - I Love Rock and Roll Josh Petty: Apollo 440 - Ain't Taking bout no dub Mike Opalek: Dinosaur Jr - Feel the Pain Kevin Gillan: Pete Rock and CL Smooth - All the Places "Standfast" Santiago Azpura: High and Mighty - B-Boy Doc. 99 Blake Dennis: Alice in Chains - Man in the Box Jeff Frederick: The Roots - The Lesson Part 1 Bruno Lowe: Faith No More - Midlife Crisis Shane Skower: Who Ridas - Get Lifted Aaron Feinberg: Weezer - Say It Ain't So Credits: Icons - Like Never Before Kevin Gillan: Kool Keith - Ego Trippin '99 Senate - Day of the Rope - (avi)(m4v)(TPB) Senate - Standfast (1999) - (avi)(m4v)(mp4)(TPB) To go along with these classic films, we're tossing in some collected works of Del tha Funkee Homosapien; a classic in his own right! Enjoy! and as always please be sure to seed as long as possible once you finish downloading!

AMALL Trick Tips: Ally Oop Soul and 540

Here's a double dose of Trick-Tips from our friends over at AMall. And be sure to get over there and check out the new layout on the shop's site. It is tight.... http://www.aggressivemall.com/

The Warm Up Teaser (by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge)

The Warm Up Teaser from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

The Warm Up.
A rollerblading DVD by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge

Featuring full sections from:
Brett Dasovic
Shane Conn
Arsenio Patterson
Mikey Petrack
Adam McManus
Casey Wilson
Stefan Brandow
Phillip Gripper

Supported by:

Out Late February 2012

SLICE two: Boston Pulp (by NERB.TV)

SLICE two: Boston Pulp from NERB.TV on Vimeo.

Slice2: Boston Pulp is a 2011 blade crusade from the imagination of Ian Hutchinson in association with Bike Skate Chocolate Cake. The movie follows a group of blade addicts into a new decade during an economically and socially depressed era of rollerblading and their passage through life on the mean streets. The motion picture stars Timbo Shapiro, Joseph Black, Nick Bonvissuto, Benjamin Price, Justin Diaz, Kevin Phan, Ian Hutchinson, Aziz Basri, Tom Ferrante, Carlos Galvez, Eric ercaderk Woods, Remo DiTullio, Russell Dyment, Derek Lintala, Matthias St. John, & Michael Marston.

Locations: Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut

Song 1: The Starlight Mints - Black Champagne
Song 2: Wick-it the Instigator - Reservoir Dawgz
Song 3: The Adicts - Steamroller
Song 4: Bernard Girard Christophe - Sunny Road To Salina
Song 5: M83 - OK Pal
Song 6: Jay-Z & Kanye West - Gotta Have It
Song 7: AC/DC - Jailbreak
Song 8: Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Misirlou

Winter X Games 2012: Kaya Turski's Gold Medal Run

Kaya Turski three-peats and takes gold in Ski Slopestyle at Winter X Games Aspen 2012. I know it's not rollerblading but Kaya is as much a part of the rolling community as she is a skiier, so much love to her for throwing down.

Kevin LeBron at Shields Skatepark

At shields Skatepark getting a few clips. Song by: Johnny Juliano Filmed by Brent and Ryan

Adrien Anne: The S-Edit

Adrien Anne: The S-Edit from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Everybody knows Adrien Anne is one of the world's most technical skaters. Did you know that he can do pretty much all of it switch too?


Chicago 2011 Mixtape (by Doug Sharley)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Granite SkatePark (by Kevin Phan)

Skating by Mike Wentz, Justin Diaz, Kevin Phan, Ian Hutchinson, and Christian Biddle Recorded by Ian Hutchinson, Justin Diaz, and Kevin Phan, Assorted by Kevin Phan

Shaolin Shootas Skatepark Spectacular (by Joey Scannella)

Shaolin Shootas Skatepark Spectacular from Joey Scannella on Vimeo.

Ninjas in the dojo

rampwrx skatepark - quick clips (by skatd0g)

Rolling With The World - Original Content Promo

Rolling With The World - Original Content Promo from Jordan Smith on Vimeo.

If you like this video please share it on Facebook and twitter.

This is a short trailer proposal for what could be an action sports television show about rollerbladers and the culture surrounding their sport. It was originally produced for a studio here in Texas that planned on selling the show, but since they don't know exactly what to do with it here it is for you.

For more information please contact Jordan Smith at jrdnsmthonline@gmail.com

and please check out

Rolling With the World follows Brian Freeman around the world to meet peoples of all cultures through the ties and bonds of rollerblading.

Director/Editor: Jordan Smith
Camera: Jordan Smith
Talent: Brian Freeman
Additional Footage: Pat Leal & stock footage
B.I.G. E.G.O.- Wise Blood
clouded - Odd Nosdam

Thank you for watching!

Mathieu Ledoux Crazy Parkour Jump

http://powerblading.org - Professional skater Mathieu Ledoux kongs off a parking lot roof over stairs and just makes it! What is Powerblading? The way to fly through the city using parkour, skate tricks, grinding, gaps and more. Full speed quick thinking and adrenaline. Powerblading products are designed to withstand heavy drops and grinds with great shock absorbency - this is the future!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11 Degrees In Boston with Andrew Smolak Kyle Couture and Tom Ferrante

www.thuroshop.com www.valo-brand.com www.createoriginals.com

Louie Zamora about K2 and Rollerblading

A lot of skaters noticed that Louis Zamora wasn’t skating K2s in the latest “9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora & Brian Aragon” video (he was skating Valos) ; Here are more informations on the subject.
What’s up dudes
There was no “falling out” between K2 and I. The simple fact of the matter is they aren’t ready to invest in our sport. I was the only one doing everything for the Varsity skate, and my input would be taken and used sometimes, and sometimes it wouldn’t.
I would never know until I got the sample, which was very unpredictable at best. A long time ago, I told K2 that I would like to spend my career with them and improve their products along the way. My passion is obviously on wheels, but it also lies in the design and function of the products we use everyday as bladers.
I was told that we have no budget for a team, no budget for travel, and no money to help me stay as productive as possible. I was fine with that, believing we could really start something great by just blading and staying positive, and hopefully all of those things would fall inline eventually.
The main reason I had to leave was because a person told me that I would not get design credit for aything, and that an option for a “pro skate” wasn’t an option.

In my head I figured if they can’t pay me to design, communicate, skate, and progress the brand, then if I got a pro skate it would give me an opportunity to make some royalties the good old fashioned way……by skating for it. Not to mention that it would have been after the new varsity release, and I could have probably made final corrections fixing whatever they left out in the black Varsity (which is a lot).
I was denied, and offered 4k for the whole year, with no pro skate, no advertisements, and only one event to travel to. It isn’t the money for me, and it never has been. It’s about the support I can get to Blade, improve rollerbladers experience, and hopefully progress our sport.
I’m happier now riding one of my best friends skates for nothing but the opportunity to make the pro team.
With that being said, I have only positive feelings from the experience because I know in my heart that K2 is better Now than it was before I got there, again. Even back in the day I tried, putting Dominic and Troy white on the team and helping them change color ways. I even asked for a pro skate back then. I appreciate the opportunity, and I met some really nice/talented people there while I was working on the skate.
I wish nothing but the best for them and their families. I just wish they thought about it a little more, or at least thought about it as a group, meaning not just one person trying to get work and everything from me for as little as possible, and not giving me any credit for it if I did. The decision on whoevers part, to offer me little for a whole lot of work without credit was premature and short sighted. Not as a whole company but as one individual that probably thought he was doing something good for his employer.
Guys, I’ve been in the trenches trying to establish a solid situation for a while now. Its time I put my head down and just focus on what we all started off doing and loving, BLADING. I appreciate all of your love and support as I make my comeback to the sport I never should have taken a break from. I always watched and thought about it when I thought I had to work a normal Job the rest of my life. I never truly felt at home working a 9-5, no matter how well I did.
So my friends, This is the year of THE COMEBACK.
I plan on releasing several online edits this year with our sports best videographers, leading up to my full comeback section later in the year. As much as I hate the idea of it, I’m gonna make a Facebook fan page so I have a platform to show and tell you all what I’ve done and what is on deck. My fans and friends (same thing), have really been an inspirational and motivating part of my life. Especially now, just when I thought I was done. You have all helped me realize that its JUST THE BEGINNING……
Peace and Love to all Bladers, I hope to inspire you!
- Louie Zamora.

Swedish Championships 2011: Hedonskate Edit (by Przemek Madej)

Hedonskate at Swedish Championships from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed by Przemek Madej, Fredrik Andersson, Mirek Ragan & Basza.

Edited by Przemek Madej

US3 - Huff and Puff
Nas - I Can
Noisia - Gutterpump (Tom Real And The Rogue Element Mix)

Create Originals Online Edit Contest: Results

Create Originals Online Edit Contest: Results from Dave Lang on Vimeo.

With 77 edits submitted, 17 Countries represented and 2,000+ minutes of video time; the first Create Originals Online Edit contest has come to an end.

Watch the video above to hear the results and be sure to stay tuned for future Create Originals Online Edit Contests.


Create Originals 30 sec edit (Josiah Blee) from Bander Saleh on Vimeo.

Aaron Feinberg: Bang Section

Kaya Turski "Wild (Woodward) West State of Mind" Webisode #5

Kaya Turski "Wild (Woodward) West State of Mind" Webisode #5 from Kaya Turski on Vimeo.

What's up everyone!

Here's the second State of Mind Webisode of the season: Wild (Woodward) West State of Mind. Some of you may know that I grew up rollerblading. Ya ya fruitbooter! ;) All jokes set aside, I really did love it and feel as though it's helped me become the skier I am today.

Last summer, my girl Ashley Battersby and I rolled out to Woodward West in Cali on some windy days to get some foam pit action going. We had a blast, check it out!

Right now I'm shredding in Mammoth getting ready for X, next webisode coming soon, stay tuned!

Follow me on twitter: @kayaturski

9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora and Brian Aragon Pt.2

9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora and Brian Aragon Pt.2 from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.

A weekend with Louie Zamora and Brian Aragon in San Diego.
Filmed and Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : Eskmo - Come Back

Dylan Hopp Crazy Switchup by Dave Hartnett

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gotta Have Lines by Justin Diaz

Malden Skatepark Lines during Winter 2012 featuring: Justin Riley, Justin Diaz, Blizzy Blake Contreras, Joe Lydon, & Matt Longo Music by: Jay-Z & Kanye West Camera: Canon Rebel EOS T2i / Rokinon 3.5 defectsforlife.blogspot.com

Wed Night Rye Airfield Blading (by Dave Hartnett)

Clips from a month or two ago, one of the many sick OG Wed. night sessions at Rye.

9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora & Brian Aragon Pt.1

9TO5 Weekend with Louie Zamora & Brian Aragon Pt.1 from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.

A weekend with Louie Zamora and Brian Aragon in San Diego.
Filmed By : Erick Rodriguez and Celerity Max
Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : Swollen Drumz - Comin Out Yo Mouth and Kid Ink - Tuna Roll

Chris Farmer - Intelligent Productions - Age 15

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rye Airfield: 1/11/2012

Create Originals 30 Second Contest Entries: Dave Hartnett, Craig Nogler and Nick O'Leary

Support some friends of Skate Sessions in the Create Originals 30 Second Contest started by Dave Lang. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OgSWLWlnQY?] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdopqcnDV_M] [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/34818016]

nick oleary from Bobby Reichel on Vimeo.

nicks create contest edit

Dave Hartnett 2012 Edit

Chris Farmer - VG19 Profile // Freestyle Culture TV

ProTips4u Clips with Aragon and Haffey

We Are One: Team Riders Edit

WAO Team Rider Edit from We Are One Skate Park on Vimeo.

Kicking off 2012 for your viewing pleasure! We Are One Skatepark and Shop, located in Salt Lake City, UT jus released their team rider edit, you don't wanna miss this!

Starring: Mat Farnworth, Zach Nelson, Tad Tregeagle, Chris Olpin, Justin Mousley, Chris Napoleon, Jon Easy, John Dickerson, Carl Hills, and Marc Clune

Edited by: Chris Olpin & Mat Farnworth

Lukasz “Bidet” Malewski: 2011 Profile

Łukasz "Bidet" Malewski 2011 Profile from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed by Canis Latrans, Przemek Madej, Krystian Zarzeczny, Michał Spandel.
Edited by Przemek Madej
Music: Smokie - Stranger

Champion Baumstimler - Film of the Year - 1997 PRN

Champion Baumstimler - Film of the Year - 1997 PRN Productions - Medium Team Video

Monday, January 9, 2012

Chynna Weierstall: 2 Much Flavor Section & Leftovers

2 Much Flavor - Chynna Weierstall from Ryan benner on Vimeo.

Chynna Weierstall section from 2 Much Flavor

Filmed by: Ryan Benner & Al Dolega
Edited by : Ryan Benner

2 many leftovers (http://vimeo.com/27419072) from Chynna on Vimeo.

Left over clips from my 2 many flavor section throw together by Ryan Benner. Clips are from the past couple year from when i was 18 till now
Check out the rest of the vid.

Sven Boekhorst: City Hopper, Trailer


CITYHOPPER is a video project starring Sven Boekhorst. This project features a documentary part, CITYHOPPER+, and a hardcore skatepart. All in the name of testing out the new SB pro model skate by Rollerblade. The test started small but evolved into a big project with several stunts in different cities. Sven did stunts on highly recognizable locations like the Dam Square and the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, and at the PSV stadium in Eindhoven.

This project was filmed and edited by Remy Cadier and Axel Van Dijk.

Music featured in the trailer courtesy of Flash Grimey

Full report about the City Hopper Project:



Dudes Where’s My Comp? (by Hawke Trackler)

Dudes Where's My Comp from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

An edit of some of my favorite clips that I have filmed from past competitions.

Alex Broskow
Brian Aragon
Koda Hult
Jake Cawley
CJ Wellsmore
Garrett Mitschelen
Daniel Powell
Jon Bolino
Keegan Jacko
Michael Braud
Chris Haffey
Montre Livingston
Alex Hancook
Fabio Enes
Carson Starnes
Mark Wojda
David Sizemore
Jeph Howard

The Caroliner: Onliner Mixtape by Stefan Brandow

The Caroliner Onliner Mixtape from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Dick Vitale
Caroliner with two I's
Joe Matty (Watch Joe's section separately: http://vimeo.com/34661248)
Nathan Cornell (Watch Nate's section separately: http://vimeo.com/34662856)
Jason Hampden (Watch Jason's section separately: http://vimeo.com/34664768)
Jon Cooley (Watch Jon's section separately: http://vimeo.com/34666272)
And last but not least, out of place commas.

Main Cameras: Stefan Brandow, Jason Hampden, Ryan Timms
Additional filming: Jon Cooley, Mikey Petrack, Joe Matty, Casey Wilson, Dillon Millsap
Edited by: Stefan Brandow

Mihai Militaru: 2011 Profile

Profile Mili from Mihai Militaru on Vimeo.

Maintaining the level.
2011 rollerblading profile of Mihai Militaru.

Richie Eisler: Hashassins Profile (2004)

Mathieu Ledoux: Arizona Sessions

Mathieu Ledoux Arizona Sessions from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


Powerblading goes along with pureblading. The first day on my powerblade set-up felt like home right away. I truly feel like every blader out there should have a powerblade set-up in order to enjoy skating at is fullest. I felt a new kind of freedom with them. I relearned to enjoy skating itself. Just the feeling of rolling around became fun again. I had only 5 days with them for this Edit but I know that there are so many things that can be done with these bad boys on. Welcome to this place where the word "Rolling" finds its meaning. Peace

- Mathieu Ledoux


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me...

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NYE River Ave Bash (by Dax)

NYE RiverAve Bash is My edit for the Event hosted by Flatline Skateshop, IROLLNY, and Skatelife.tv. It was a crazy day with rain soaking the park as we get there and the efforts of the youth and fellow bladers to work together and make this day happen. We went out with a bang! Enjoy the edit and the skating of some of NY's Finest Rollers. Daniel Irizarry,Mike Kazberuk,William Jorge,Nico The Guy,Christian Brito,Brendan Taylor,Steven Osoris,Pablo Munez,Jose Henriquez,Ramelle Knight,Mal Ashby,Chris Murphy,Hector "HappyFeet" Rodriguez Dave Herrera DaXsLIde

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Video Review - It's About Time (by Gabe Holm) (2010)

It’s About Time (buy it here) is a Northeast Media Group Production brought to the skate community by New England’s own Gabe Holm, an icon in the NE rolling scene and owner of Thuro Skate & Snow in Rhode Island.

The video opens with a stylishly cinematic montage of time-lapse scenic footage of Boston and beyond, before it jumps into the skating. This opening sequence alone sets It’s About Time in a class above most rolling films, which are usually (but not always) rough-cut quick-shot collections of trick clips pasted over music.

Featured skaters are Jeff Dalnas, Andy Leitermann, John Williams, Quinn Feldman, Andrew Smolak, and Winston Wardwell. Also making an appearance in the film are Ryan Strout, Kyle Couture, Ben Price, Craig Nogler, Zach Bozzer, and Scott Campbell. 

Smolak begins the shredding, dropping hammers to G.B.H.’s ‘Boston Babies’ on (and over) everything that you could think of tricking. His gap into the Common from State Street (though not as big as Petty’s gaps in WDYBI) is not one to be taken lightly.

Following that is the first montage of Boston skating, dubbed smartly over the “Where Everybody Knows…” Cheers theme remix, featuring big hits from Tom Ferrante, Mark Wodja, Mo Marzuq, Julio Amiyama, Patrick Collins, John O’Donnell, Brian Long, Dustin Sapenga, Taylor Green, Anthony Chen, Keegan Smith, Benny Strout, and Holm himself..

Leitermann owns the second section, bringing it in with a creative skateboard flip-trick while still wearing his boots, showing boarders out there that not only can booters do what they do, they can do it better. Andy also makes a statement for the bigger skaters out there, spinning and switching his tricks as much as anyone I’ve ever seen, and doing it with ease. Oh, and you can’t miss his little Misty-flip over a parked car or the Front-flip out of a Sweatstance; I’d like to see the Prince throw something like that in his next section…

The second montage flows to the beat of The Perceptionists (Akrobatik and Mr. Lif) “5 O’Clock”, another great song choice in my opinion, and highlights sick tricks from local rollers like Casey Gerraghty, Rob Zajac, Brendon Brown, Hakeem Jimoh, Ferrante, Chen, Eric Torres, Kevin Phan, Ryan Googins, Campbell, Andrew Chiu, Jaime Murrett, Jim Lamarche, Couture, Jimmy Gill, Smith, and Holm. The infamous Colin Kelso even makes a special appearance in this section. Ferrante’s Negative-Kind Grind down a handrail and Holm’s Rough-Makio around a C-ledge are among my favorite tricks of the whole video.

The third profile features Dalnas doing what he does. Jeff throws some of the smoothest grinds in the video, so smooth that he makes them almost look effortless. He doesn’t really drop anything mind-blowing in this section, but everything that he does do he does clean.

The third montage, titled Built to Spill, has a more laid back feel that the first two, bringing you skating from Taylor Green, Chen, Marzuq, Holm, and others. The AO-Negative Mistrial at the 28 minute mark is just another of this films sick tricks. 

John Williams is the fourth featured skater, shredding to Johnny B. Goode. In my opinion, his section is the weakest of the profiles, but that being said he still shows that he has some skills. His sit-down Fish at Weaver High School is about as low as it gets. 

The next montage, I Need More Time, starts with an amusing handrail done right in front of a security guard, which always brings a smile to my face. This one features more skating from B. Strout, Leitermann, Keane, Brandon Ford, Smith, Dalnas, Smolak, O’Donnell, Wardwell, and others. Ford’s Negative-Mizou to Negative-Acid is a sick switch-up down a decent handrail.

The last profile belongs to Wardwell and it really delivers. In one trick he goes from handicap rail to ledge to ledge to ledge with a 180 out; granted they were all frontsides, but it still looked tight. I think this section needs to be longer, to show more of what Winston can do, but I guess you have to work with the footage you end up with.

The final montage, Tomorrow Knows, keeps the good times rolling with skating from Smolak, Gerraghty, Couture, B. Strout, Jon Fromm, Leitermann, Wardwell, Amiyama, Green, Dalnas, Chen, and Smith. Benny Strout’s BS-Royale on a raised fire-escape is a super creative trick with a solid degree of difficulty, and his huge gap from a parking lot over grass into a basketball court (delivered in slow-mo) is also a trick to be respected.

The closing montage gets some more creative angles and fisheye shots of some of the skaters, including Long, Amiyama, Wodja, Fromm, Phan, Marzuq, and Smith. Fromm’s 540 Kind grind down a handrail is nasty and Marzuq’s air over a fence to BS-Royale a bench to air back over the fence caught me by surprise.

Overall this video was everything I was hoping it would be and more. It’s awesome to finally see some of the ledges and rails (and landmarks) that I recognize in a video. I hope more East Coast films follow this one, and with Beast Coast just dropping, I shouldn’t have to wait much longer for that dream to be reality.

How To: Choose a Size for Razors Skates

AMALL Trick Tips: Wall Ride

Jeremy Soderburg skating the USD Carbon 2 Olive

Jeremy Soderburg skating the USD Carbon 2 Olive from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


Filmed & Edited by:
Lonnie Francisco


Brink! Gear on MyPartyShirt.com

I know alot of you guys and girls out there are pretty new to the scene, and Brink! might have been one of your first exposures to the "aggressive skating" world.

Well here is your chance to grab a piece of that nostalgia. MyPartyShirt.com has both Team Pup-N-Suds and Team X-Bladz tees for sale on their website!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Caroliner Onliner: Trailer (by Stefan Brandow)

The Caroliner Onliner Trailer from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Mixtape style online video for all the homies that pushed themselves to get some clips this past year.

Joe Matty
Nathan Cornell
Jason Hampden
Jon Cooley

And featuring tons of other North Carolina locals and friends from out of town.

Jon Julio’s Blading the Game: Promo Edit

Jon Julio's Blading the Game Promo 1 from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Jon Julio's Blading the Game Promo 1


Special thanks to Jose Fuentes, John Hsia, Casey Kerr,
Vinny Minton (Imperial Productions), Mike Mcmullen and Chris Bjerre
Music - DJ Goldenchyld , Cutso and The Bangerz

send us a comment..

contact: Get@themgoods.com

Grisha Mikhalitsyn (Russia): Sportex Edit

Grisha Mikhalitsyn SPORTEX Edit from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

The Conference / Rollerclub rider Grisha Mikhalitsyn has been skating USD for a long time and repping the brand to the fullest while at the same time touring all over Russia and Ukraine and taking first places at local contests all year long.

Recently Grisha took a visit to the SPORTEX - the biggest russian park, which is located in Siberian city Krasnoyarsk. Take a look at what went down there.

Filmed and edited by Rodion Egorov from K24.


5 Park Lines with Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons 5 līnijas/ 5 lines from therolling.lv on Vimeo.

5 līnijas ar Nilu Jansonu, filmēts neplānojot un atpūšoties, izbaudi!

5 lines with Nils Jansons in few min @ local sk8park "Monster parks".

Filmēja un montēja Edgars Krasnovs


Rob Squire: 2011 Edit (by Jon Fromm)

Rob Squire 2011 from Jon Fromm on Vimeo.

Rob Squire footage from 2011.

Song: The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead

(The music got jazzed up at the end, so it does end at around 2:15, Sorry for the confusion)

Soichiro Kanashima: MFT December 2011 Clips

MFTBRAND 2011.12.28 Soichiro Kanashima from MFTBRAND on Vimeo.

MFTBRAND 2011.12.28 Soichiro Kanashima


『MFTBRAND Channels』


・Soichiro Kanashima
・Sayaka Tashiro
・Yuto Goto
・Chihiro Azuma


『SO1RO Blog』

『Yuto Blog』

USD: 2012 New Years Edit (by Nick Pisciotta)

USD 2012 New Years Edit from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


Happy New Year!

This edit was put together in record time with the help of contributed footage from USD riders all around the world as a gift to the heads that have supported USD from 97’ till Infinity. Happy New Years from USD. It’s a celebration bitches.

I would like to give a special thanks to Smokey Robotic for hooking it up with the track. Check them out. www.smokeyrobotic.com


Phil Ade - The Letter (Intro)

Smokey Robotic - Redzone

I would like to thank all the guys who filmed to make this happen. I appreciate all the help..sorry if I forgot anyone.

Adam Kola
Mark Heuss
Austin Paz
Mike Torres
Quinn Feldman
Demetrios George
Kris Troyer
Kurt Rose
Doug Sharley
Bartek Kloc
Nicolas Lalau
Fritz Peitzner
Ben Shelbourne
Sam Brookfield
Joao Paulo Portes

Peep and Enjoy!

Nick Pisciotta

Demetrios George: Best-of 2010-2011 (by Matty Watky)

BladerGang 2012: Edit by Erick Rodriguez

BLADERGANG 2012 from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.
Featuring : Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, Erick Rodriguez, Rachard Johnson, Dre Powell, Montre Livingston, Chris Farmer, Franky Morales, Chris Haffey, Mike Johnson, Jc Rowe, and Ricky Rodriguez.
Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : The Weekend - High For This

Quinn Feldman: Chosen Few Profile

Quinn Feldman Chosen Few Profile from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.
I have spent 2 and a half years working on this on and off. I thought it was going to be my last standard definition video but because of serious injuries I had to mix it up a bit. I wanted to release it before the new year and start fresh for 2012.

The last 2 and a half years have been quite a ride. I didn't start Chosen Few to make money. I started it because I wanted to contribute to the sport I love. I wanted to put on events and competitions that bring skaters everywhere together and allow new skaters to have a chance at being recognized. I started it because I wanted my friends and I to have something to represent how we like to skate. I started it to acknowledge and give opportunities to the laundry list of talented bladers that exist in the world. I started Chosen Few to help skating reach out to the mainstream and get rollerblading the money it deserves. I started ACHOSEN-FEW.COM to promote and expose the sport I have dedicated my life to. I do truly love it. If I were the only blader on the planet I could still go out everyday and hit a rail with a smile on my face.

Track list is in order in the credits.

"Hope Dies Last" Teaser

"Hope Dies Last" teaser from Alex Beaupre on Vimeo.

"Hope Dies Last" is a rollerblading video that I have been working on for the last two years (due to school, work and life becoming more complicated). This is my senior and final effort. Featuring profiles on Chris Couture, Tony Barrios, Cody Boulay and Jon Fromm. As well as skating from Jake Cawley, Eric Laban, Brian Weis, Garret Mitschelen and many more. Hopefully this gives you a little taste on what we have been up to here in the mitten. Thank you.





Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

TheConference News