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Dave Hartnett Twenty Six Letters

Dave Hartnett Twenty Six Letters from Jarrod Neilan on Vimeo.

Introducing New Twenty Six Letters Rider Dave Hartnett
Edited by Jarrod Neilan

ProTips4U: Brian Aragon: How to do a Royale

In this Pro Tips 4U sports training sample video, Brian Aragon, Pro Roller Blader, goes over How to do a Royale. Grinding on a rail is a basic of roller blading, Brian goes over tips on how to get yourself on and off the rail perfectly every time. Brian, shows you proper feet and leg position, how to position the rail on your feet and proper body technique. In addition Brian shows you common mistakes to avoid. For more tips and drills from Brian visit his Pro Tips page at http://bit.ly/q1XLFZ - use the code - aragon - to download a free video tip from Brian!

Brett Dasovic: 2011 Compilation

Brett Dasovic-2011 Online Compilation from Brett Dasovic on Vimeo.

My yearly collective of tricks from the online edits released in 2011. I had a host of help filming these tricks from my good buds! If you want to see my serious blading, make sure to check out "The Hooligan Project" By Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum, Our Crew has been filming for two years for this project, The Video will be available at skateshops for the holidays and will have sections on Michael Garlinghouse, Kevin Meland, Jeph Howard and Myself. Look for the trailer very soon!
Tumblr http://www.hooliganproject.tumblr.com/
Twitter www.twitter.com/hooliganproject

Filming by: Jeph Howard, Blake Cohen, Zach Flugum, Michael Garlinghouse, Dan Knapmiller, Wilson Robinson, Isiah England, Steve Matiasek, Jim Paskziewicz, Eric Milliren, Jeff Dalnas

Tricks from featured edits: 2011 Start of year edit, Jeff Dalnas/Brett Dasovic week in RI Eulogy Promo, 40 degrees in MN Tripod edit, 2011 end of summer online edit
Little Dragon- "Ritual Union"
The Clash- "Lost in the Supermarket"

USD Skates http://www.usd-skate.com/
Eulogy Wheels http://www.eulogywheels.com/
Inline Warehouse http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/

Kelso Slider Bar: Round 3 Edit

Kelso Sliderbar Round III Feat. Austin Paz from Austin Paz on Vimeo.

SliderBar Edit Featuring Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso & Austin Paz

Remy Meister (France): 2011 SSM Promo Edit (by Mathieu Hennebert)

REMY MEISTER - SSM PROMO EDIT 2011 from Frenchy Fries on Vimeo.

En ces temps de doute et de résignation populaire, le système capitaliste et ses techniques de propagande sont plus que jamais mis à mal. Le microcosme qu'est celui du patin à roulettes n'est pas épargné par cette logique de consommation frénétique sollicitant la croissance à tout prix, mais malheureusement les voix contestataires font défaut. Rouler pour vendre du plastique, du tissu, travailler son image de pro-skater pour répondre aux exigences du marché, et surtout produire, un maximum, communiquer sur tout et n'importe quoi, en quantité presque industrielle.
Lire l'article complet sur : http://www.frenchyfries.fr/ !

In these times of doubt and popular despair, the capitalist system and its propaganda techniques suffer some damages. The small world of rollerblading isn't immune to this either, but unfortunately dissenting voices are missing when it comes to opposing this consumerism frenzy, seeking growth at any price. Rolling to sell plastic, fabric, to improve one's pro-skater image to meet the market's requirements, and most of all, rolling to produce as much as possible, to advertise anything and everything, in almost industrial quantities.
Read the full article on : http://www.frenchyfries.fr/ !

Brian Aragon: Protips4u Video Interview

Content: Toughest Moment, Realizing His Talents, Performing Dangerous Tricks, Keys to Success, Best Moment, Dealing with Fear.

Believe in Blading 2011 (UK): Edit (by Andy Mills)

Ryan Steel (Scotland): Edit (by Alan Drummond)

1 hour with James Keyte: Scottish Rolling Edit

1 hour with James Keyte and his new USD Bambrick Carbons from ScottishRolling on Vimeo.

Just a quick hour session at edinburghs new skatepark,Transgression. enjoy feed back as ever,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Review of RB 2005 Grind Inserts

Originally submitted at Aggressivemall

2005 style 2nd Gen. Rollerblade TRS Grind Inserts, These souls feature a lower profile and faster nylon material. Just pick your skates proper size range and you are set.

Upgrade is Worth It!

By Nate from Skate Sessions from Salem, MA on 11/26/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Look good, Durable, Slide Well

Cons: Poor Soul/Backslide

Best Uses: Skate Park, Ledges, Souls/Topsouls, Street, Rails, Negatives

Describe Yourself: Intermediate

I have been skating TRS for awhile now and decided it was time to upgrade to the second generation (2005) mold souls/inserts.

These new parts slide amazing right out of the box and add a sleek look that has been compared to Valo 3-piece souls.

The only downfall is still the backslide groove, which comes flat and needs to be broken in. Even this is still an upgrade from the 1st Gen parts, which came pregrooved with a spot that did not line up with your h-blocks.

I'd say anyone that riding TRS old mold souls should get on these new parts as soon as possible, cause they rock!

OH, and be sure to get them from the awesome dudes at AMall!

Skate Sessions Polish Pride Custom


Tags: Picture of Product


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chris Farmer: Drip Drop (4×4) Section

farmer drip drop from Lim on Vimeo.

Steve Steinmetz: Back in Black, 2011 Fester Edit

FESTER PHOTOGRAPHER - "NEW SPOT STEVE" from Fester Wheels on Vimeo.

"New Spot" Steve has been a friend of ours for three plus years now. He started off
as a skating acquaintance and slowly began to hang out after skating. It wasn't until a
year or two after knowing Steve that we found out he skates by himself, even after he has
skated with us. Even gnarlier, he films by himself on a tri-pod, but not just little pu$$y things.
Sometimes big boy things.

Steve has been with us since FESTER was a thought, and to where we
are now, (The World Greatest Wheel Company). Being the main photographer we skate with, and
master mind of all Fester photos and GC photos as of recent, we have asked him to be the official
Fester Photographer. When he showed me this edit, I was shocked! I had no idea Steve was this
skilled at skating. Even more, by himself. With the exception of 2 or 3 tricks this edit was filmed,
edited, and skated by yours truly,"New Spot Steve" Steinmetz. We are proud to post this along with
our team edits, and even more proud to flow Steve product and have him rep. Fester!

- Damien Wilson

Forgo Bence (6) (Hungary), 2011 Clips

Anthony Luna & Chad Tannehill: 2011 Edit

Anthony Luna Chad Tannehill Remz Chris Haffey 2.2 Support from Anthony luna on Vimeo.

Kyle Wood: 2 Park Sessions (by Hawke Trackler)

Kyle Wood Skate Naked Skatepark from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

2 sessions at skate naked with kyle
By Hawke Trackler

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brandon Ford OG Edit

Brandon Ford OG edit from Alex Hogan on Vimeo.

B has been going hard as long as I've known him (over a decade). Hilarious dude, business owner, full time ripper, great friend. B Ford is official.

Chynna Weierstall: Provoke Session in Detroit

Chynna Weierstall - One session at Detroit Historical Museum ledges.

Derek Stanton: 2011 Edit

Derek Stanton 2011 Edit from derek stanton on Vimeo.

Re-mixed footy from this year.
Filming by Ben Karris, Aaron Stine, Taylor Monnig, and Mitch Chapman
Edited by Derek Stanton

Jeff Dalnas & Tim Phang: 2 Hours in Charm City

2 Hours in Charm City feat. Jeff Dalnas and Tim Phang from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

I recently had Jeff Dalnas fly in to start filming for his new section. Of course it started pouring rain the day he flew into town. Gotta love the east coast weather this time of year. Luckily, the owner of Charm City Skatepark was willing to help us out and hooked it up with a quick late night session. Local USD rider Tim Phang was able to come out as well. Nothin crazy, just a chill rainy night sesh. Peep and enjoy!

Nick Pisciotta

The Sun came out 2 days later and shit went down! Section is in the works..Stay tuned!

Canon 7D
Opteka 6.5mm
Canon 17-55mm 2.8
Canon 50mm
Kessler Cine Slider
Oracle remote

Song: Grand Puba - A litte of this remix

Thanks to Charm City Skatepark.

King of Warriors 2011 (Spain)

Bamberg City Crew: We Roll With Infernal

We Roll With Infernal #5: Bamberg City Crew from Infernal Clothing on Vimeo.

Clip #5 of our clip series is from Simon Jung, René Leonhardy, Norman Probst, Andreas Walz and Benjamin Rünagel, edited by Simon Jung.

About Simon:
my name is Simon Jung, I'm 23 and come from Bamberg, Germany. Together with my crew I filmed some clips and put up a little edit for you... I hope you like it!

Check the We Roll With Infernal clipseries in the Infernal Blog: infernal-clothing.com/blog/?tag=we-roll-with-infernal

Grazyna Wratny (22, Poland): Hedonskate Edit

Hedonskate Presents: Grażyna Wratny from Hedonskate on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Przemek Madej.
Music: Onra - The Anthem (Flume Remix).

Bladesgiving 2011: Ez Goeazy Edit

Bladesgiving from E Z GOEAZY on Vimeo.

Martin Darnadi: 2011 Edit (by Peter Caja)

Martin Darnadi - August and September 2011 from Martin Maco Darnadi on Vimeo.

Supported by Grindhouse and Remz.

Filmed mainly during the september in Bratislava(Slovakia) and mixed with few clips filmed in Split(Crotia) in august.

Edited and filmed by Peter Caja

Victor Legrand: SSM 2011 Promo Edit

VICTOR LEGRAND - SSM PROMO EDIT 2011 from Frenchy Fries on Vimeo.

Après avoir écrit sur Victor dans différents médias à plusieurs reprises, je n'ai sans doute rien de très original ou de nouveau à déclarer aujourd'hui. Tout comme vous je le regarde progresser en vidéo, à un rythme impressionnant, et s'engager sur la voie rapide pour la célébrité à roulettes.

Lire l'article complet sur : www.frenchyfries.fr !

Having written about Victor in different media outlets a few times already, I might fail at stating anything new or truly original today. I'm just like you actually: I watch his skating progress and I can't help but be amazed by the fast pace he's been keeping, on the fast lane to blade fame.

Read the full article on : www.frenchyfries.fr !

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stefan Brandow - M1 Urethane AM Profile

Stefan Brandow - M1 Urethane AM Profile from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Murder One Urethane/Renegade Bearings Amateur Stefan Brandow from Raleigh, NC

HUGE thank you to Nathan Cornell, Jason Hampden, and Mikey Petrack for their help with filming this. Wouldn't have gotten done without you guys!

Additional filming: David Dodge, Dillon Millsap
Intro graphic: Fred Castro
Song: The Rahnjaz - "Inspiration ft. Cee-Lo (DJ Revolution Remix)"


Chris Haffey: Shred Til You’re Dead

Shred Til You're Dead- Chris Haffey from Shred TYD on Vimeo.

Join Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Stockwell, Victor Arias, and Brandon Smith as they shred though a two-week, 3,000-mile tour of skate parks in Northern California, Oregon and Idaho. Burning through 200 pairs of socks, they sleep in tent cities, always keeping a vigilant eye out for Big-foot.
A Tour Film by Ivan Narez
Order now!
Part 1 of 7 vimeo.com/6647740
Part 2 of 7 vimeo.com/8255957
Part 3 of 7 vimeo.com/8370530
Part 4 of 7 vimeo.com/8479243
Part 5 of 7 vimeo.com/8610830
Part 6 of 7 vimeo.com/8759879
Part 7 of 7 vimeo.com/9060210

Razors International Team, Josh Glowicki & Fritz Peitzner in Russia (Part 5): Moscow

Fritz & Glow invade Russia Pt. 5 - Moscow from Josh Glowicki on Vimeo.

On this episode of F & G we are in Moscow, Russia. We were invited to attend the Moscow Sesaon Opening, Hosted by Boris Gaisner @ Rollerclub.

Featuring, Alex Burston, Nick Lomax, Piotrek Combrzynski, Andrey Zaytsev. Big thank you Razors for sponsoring the Tour to Russia! and also to everyone who busted their asses to make this edit awesome!

A few of the local dudes built new boxes to shred. We had an awesome day of blading and BBQ. Thanks to everybody in Moscow for really taking care of us and showing us your country! Can't wait till next year!

Additional angles filmed by Fritz Peitzer, Boris Gaisner and Rodion Korneev

Mike McMullen: Dirty 30 (by Lonnie Francisco)

MikeMcMullenDirty30 from Lonnie Francisco on Vimeo.

For Mike McMullen's 30th birthday (a week late).
Shot & cut by Lonnie Francisco for http://lonniefrancisco.tumblr.com/
To see some of Mike's work visit his site at http://www.mistermcmullen.com/

Louis Zamora: Videogroove 14 Live (2000)

Stephanie Midhammar: 2011 Clips (by Zebastian Cassel)

Stephanie #5 from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Stephanie Midhammar, She started skating 2010 but only freeskated for about 8 months in the beginning so i would say this is little over a years progress in park. She is currently also involved in bringing more girls into the sport and helping organize events for our community.

Clips from 2011

Song: The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop
Shot and edited by Zebastian Cassel.
Shot in Malmö,Stockholm & Linköping.

Cody Reffner: Yinzer Blading Remix (by Bruce Bales)

Yinzer Blading remix: Cody Reffner from Bruce Bales on Vimeo.

Shot in Pittsburgh, Pa. and Wheeling, W.V.
Filmed by Bruce Bales, Ryan Parker, Hawke Trackler, Brant Pickup, and Shane Conn
Edited by Bruce Bales

Brian Freeman: Donate to Skate (by Bander Saleh)

BFree Donate to Skate from Bander Saleh on Vimeo.

Another Day in Oakland, CA

Filmed & Edited by Bander Saleh


Stairway To Shreddin: Leftovers (by Hawke Tracker)

Stairway To Shreddin Leftovers from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Featuring: Matt Lyon, Eric Montealegre, Daniel Powell, Reed Huston, Bruce Bales, Ray Kronenberg, Kyle Wood, Aaron Pyle, Codee Jennings, Alex Hancook, Matt Plasencia.

Alex Nunez (2009) | Game Theory?

Alex Nuñez | Game Theory? from Roll®Blade A on Vimeo.

A handful of unreleased footage of Alex Nuñez from 2009.
Shot in NYC for the previously untitled Razors team video "Game Theory".
Cameras: Canon XH-A1 & Canon HV-20.

Happy 27th and many more to come as we release this on his day of honour.


We Tour 2011 (Romania): Re-Edit (by Mihai Bivol)

We Tour Experience Romania 2011 (cutto20) from MihaiBivol on Vimeo.

The following was cut from the original 35 minutes video to a 20 minutes video that is suitable for the inscription of an online video competition
original file http://vimeo.com/28050620

Experience a blading tour in Romania, that took place during the 22nd of july and the 3rd of august, for more photos and details facebook.com/pages/We-Tour/117211811649282
organised by Valentin Moise and presented by Mihai Bivol

Featuring riders from Holland, Belgium, France, Romania, Switzerland and USA
This movie is subtitled in English, French and Romanian
Supported by: Tudor, Vlad, Moto and Robert

A Day in Our Live: Brandon Smith, Damien Wilson & Iain Mcleod + Nick Wood, Jon Julio, Chris Haffey, Winston Wardwell

A Day in Our Live PRO Episode from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

Full day in the lives of Brandon Smith, Damien Wilson and Iain Mcleod. Also with skating from Nick Wood, Jon Julio, Chris Haffey, Winston Wardwell and more.

An Afternoon with Louie Zamora (by One Mag)

An Afternoon with Louie Zamora from ONE magazine on Vimeo.

We caught up with Louie Zamora for a session this weekend. And though we got kicked out of one legendary spot and the sun set on another, this all managed to go down. We think you'll agree that it's great to see Louie doing his thing and speaking his mind. Dig it!
Another Just Blade jaunce.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Anthony Gallegos: A Chosen Few Profile


Anthony Gallegos has been skating for this profile since before we had even planned on making it a Chosen Few Profile. Chosen Few filming has been going on for a little over a year but Anthony has been filming this for nearly 2 years. I can not even begin to describe how unbelievable and dedicated this guy is. He can skate anything. Literally anything. He will not only skate obstacles no one would ever think of skating, he will session them. He won't just do a soul on it either he will get tech on it. Among being a outrageously good skater he is also one of the most positive and humble people you will ever meet.
I have never been more honored and proud to release anything more then this profile. Anthony your the man! now sit back and prepare to be fucking amazed!!
-Quinn Feldman

All songs are in the credits. during the whole deal at that last spot.

Chihiro Azuma (Japan) practicing at Good Skatepark with a huge smile!

Rob Zbranek: Scribe Edit (by Anthony Medina)

Rob Zbranek - Scribe Support Edit.2 from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

Small taste of what's to come. I'm not a big fan of the word "leftovers", so here are some clips we thought we could spare for an online edit to show Scribe some support. If you dig Rob's skating he'll have a full section in my next video, Dag Days, premiering in May.

Additional footage from: Dominic & Damien Garcia, Greg King, & Chaz Mac.
SONG: Jel - All Day Breakfast


How-To: SL Downsizing (by Phillip Long)

Everyone is into modifying their skates in one way or another, we’ve seen a few of our riders and customers switch out liners for a bigger liner in a smaller shell.

Whether it’s for looks or performance, it benefits the skater’s experience while out blading. Geoff is in a weird spot, a limbo somewhere between the 6-7 shell and the 8-9 shell, but a simple size 8 liner in a 7 shell doesn’t offer quite as much room as he would like.

Here is his solution. The SL shell offers easy access to the toe box when you remove the soulframe, allowing for an easy modification and added toe room. Blade-ED.

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home. What you do to your skates is your business.

Nicholas Swan: We Love To Roll

WL2R - Nicholas Swan from Dreamcastar video productions on Vimeo.

http://www.welovetoroll.com/ for more info

Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 USD Classic Review (by Under Rated $kater$)

2012 USD Classic review from UNDER RATED $KATER$ on Vimeo.

ONe day Edit ... Fresh out the box... Thanks to Inline Warehouse.. Shout oUTs to USD

AMALL Trick Tips: Pornstar

I Don't Carolina: Summer/Fall 2011

I Don't Carolina: Summer/Fall 2011 from I Don't Carolina on Vimeo.

Some clips put together by the dudes of our adventures. Thanks to all that came out on these trips and killed shit at these sessions. more big things to come!
Suport Carolina Rolling!!

Filmed by:
Dillon Millsap
Ryan Timms
Edited by:
Ryan Timms

Made in Poland 6: Trailer + Part 1

Made in Poland 6 documentary 0/6 from Made In Poland on Vimeo.

The first in the world rollerblading documentary screened on interior public transport displays in trams and buses of Cracow and Łódz cities in Poland.

The film exposure is estimated to exceed 16,1 million of views in Cracow and Lodz cities. The calculations were based on Polish independent research agency TNS OBOP's data.

If you like the film, like the site please:

Made in Poland 6 documentary part 1/6 from Made In Poland on Vimeo.

The first in the world rollerblading documentary screened on interior public transport displays in trams and buses of Cracow and Łódz cities in Poland.

The film exposure is estimated to exceed 16,1 million of views in Cracow and Lodz cities. The calculations were based on Polish independent research agency TNS OBOP's data.

A rollerblading documentary by Witalis Szumilo Kulczycki about Polish rollerbladers who went to UK in search of better life, money, maturity, adulthood. Not only the search is common for the documentary characters but also passion of rollerbalidng that helped them to withstand everyday struggle as polish emigrants.

If you like the film, like the site please:

Music: Traditional Scottish Bagpipes
myspace.com/​wysokilot : Rówieśnicy

If you like the music, support its creators:

Director & Cinematography & Editing by Witalis Szumiło Kulczycki (ownstyle films)

Tri-State Skate Edit (by Sam DeAngelis)

VIDEO: Tri-State Skate Edit by Sam DeAngelis from skatelife.TV on Vimeo.

There were countless reasons for originally having the thought to open a skate shop. I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to work doing something I love and have been doing for 16+ years, and the list goes on and on. One of the main reasons was because I wanted to create something I didn't have growing up skating in the NJ/NY area. I wanted to open a shop where kids could come and check out merchandise in person, meet other kids to skate with, and most importantly, a place where kids can come (very often at TSS!) and not just meet, but also SKATE with their idols. This was something I rarely had the opportunity to do as a young skater because I didn't have access to a local shop. TSS was lucky enough to have Brian Shima come thru with the entire SSM team, as well as Psyko Clothings Josue Diaz and some Psyko riders. SSM and Psyko being skater owned and operated businesses, Shima and Josue were generous enough to make the drive to the shop to do an autograph signing, but also actually skate with all the kids downstairs for quite sometime. Seeing how happy the kids were(who's shoes I was once in) when they meet and skate with their idols is an amazing feeling for me. To be able to do something positive for the kids in the local blading community. The same loyal customers, who without, there would be no TSS. I have been lucky enough to have almost all of the best BLADERS in the world come to TSS to meet and skate with the kids, some pro's on more than 1 occasion. TSS customers are lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet and skate with professional rollerbladers AT LEAST every few months here at TSS/Drop-In Skatepark. The gratification I get out of seeing the looks on peoples faces who are skating right next to their favorite pro is an indescribable feeling, and that is why I opened Tri-State Skate. Companies like SSM and Psyko (amongst MANY more) are the ones who help make it all happen.
- g. kieffer
skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv skatelife.tv

A ride at SMP Skatepark Shangai (China)

A ride at SMP Skatepark Shanghai from 21Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Some unused and new footage of two session in SMP Skatepark Shanghai, one of the biggest Skatepark in the world.
Featuring : Anthony Avella, Toto Ghali, Salim Sikha and Mihai Bivol.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

1 minute at Hingham skatepark with Kyle Couture, John O' Donnell, and Andrew Smolak

Stefan Brandow - Rollerblade Park Edit

Stefan Brandow - Rollerblade Park Edit from Stefan Brandow on Vimeo.

Few sessions at Marsh Creek Skatepark in Raleigh, NC
Filmed by: Nathan Cornell (with a little help from Alex Figueroa)
Song: The Morning Benders - "Cold War Star Slinger Remix"
Thanks to Tom and RB for letting me test the Rob Gs, check them out:

Richie Eisler: Undercover Pro Team, 200x Edit

Save Skatebarn West in Renton, WA

Skatebarn West needs your help! The facility is currently up for lease and may put Skatebarn out of business.

We need to try to get as many people as possible to help spread the word and help Skatebarn from not closing down!

Chris Haffey: Fakie 720 Kindgrind @ Skatebarn

Mihai Militaru: 2011 Edits

Just another edit from Mihai Militaru on Vimeo.

Holland in Barcelona (2011)

Holland in Barcelona 2011 from Thijs Tel on Vimeo.

This summer a group of Dutch skaters travelled all the way to Barcelona to have two weeks of fun. This edit is the result of those two weeks.

Featuring: Ryan Claus, Rik van Huik (Thisissoul Team Rider), Pascal Tan (Thisissoul Team Rider), Thijs Tel, Bojd Vredevoogd, Tjeerd Weijers

We would like to thank: Thisissoul, Donny (For being there during one of the weekends), Kaj and Giorgio (For the nice sessions we had), Gerard and Sarah and the other locals (For helping us find spots and the nice sessions), Supportive Parents

First Section: Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
Second Section: The Roots - Radio Daze (Featuring Blu, P.O.R.N and Dice Raw)

Oli Benet: Undercover Dvd, Profile (2005)

Oli Benet UC profile 05 from OliBenet on Vimeo.

My profile from the UC wheels DVD which came free with the wheels.

Quinn Feldman: Chosen Few, Profile Teaser

Chosen Few Quinn Feldman Profile Teaser from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

I have been hurt for the past year and a half. I started this section about 2 years ago but I dislocated my shoulder 6 months into filming. I was out 6 months rehabbing and then my first week back I dislocated it again. It took doctors at the UCLA ER 3 hours to put my shoulder back in. I dislocated it again while traveling in Europe while waiting for some other stuff to kick in so I could get a bone graph surgery. I managed to sneak in a few sessions here and there and skate the all day for the 7 days before my major surgery. I figured if they were going to fix it in a week anyway I might as well do some crazy shit before I'm out for another 5 months. I finally get to start skating worry free again in December. I did a lot of great things while I was hurt. I got to organize events, expose new skaters and enjoy doing other stuff for the sport I love. I'm happy to be back and here is a teaser for my ACF profile.

Nick Lomax is back

Nick Lomax first skate after summer broken leg from The Conference UK on Vimeo.

After being injured for the whole summer, Nick finally felt up for his first roll to warm up the recovering leg. Filmed for a few hours over 2 days in Brighton, England.

Filmed by Adam Kola + James Sharp.

Kevin Padou (France): 2010, 2011 Park Edit

Filmé sur les skatepark de Fréjus et de Gap.

Ian Freunscht, Dylan Cobb: Special Delivery

special delivery from Josh Castillo on Vimeo.

Escape To Peoria (by Hawke Trackler)

Escape To Peoria from Hawke Trackler on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

berfday skate bam (by defbored "ehh")

AIL World Championships (2011) (2 More Edits)

Woodward West || 2011 AIL World Championships. from ulysse prom on Vimeo.

Woodward West || 2011 AIL World Championships.

TAKE YOUR TIME woodward west from jeremy soderburg on Vimeo.

weekend trip to woodward west for the AIL finals, messing around at the park during practice and the comp. featuring Anthony Gallegos, Jeremy Soderburg, Gregory Preston, Tony Rivituso, Chuck Cauton, Aarin Gates, Danny Malm, Chris Calkins, and Matt Mickey.

Shawn Adair: Infofit 2011 Edit (Vancouver, Canada)

INFOFIT Video Contest-- Shawn Adair from shawn adair on Vimeo.

I put this together for a video contest on facebook the most "likes" wins so please go to http://www.facebook.com/INFOFIT.ca and click like on my video.
you have to click like on the page first then click like on my wallpost on that page... Thanks

Bruno Jubin: Short Park Edit in Berlin

Monday, November 14, 2011

Boston Street Battle 2011 (by Justin Diaz)

Boston Street Battle 2011 by Justin Diaz from Justin Diuhz on Vimeo.

Rollerblading competition in Boston, MA
filmed by: Manny Wilkerson & Justin Diaz
edited by: Justin Diaz
Music by: Tobacco, Blizzy Blake, & Mellowhype
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Spot 1 Big Red curve ledge:
1st place: Keegan Smith
2nd place: Scott Campbell
3rd place: John O'donnell

Spot 2 Fields Corner School:
1st place: Brandon Ford
2nd place: Dylan Hopp
3rd place: Kyle Couture

Spot 3: Ronan Park:
1st: Dave Hartnett
2nd: Kyle Couture
3rd: Keegan Smith

‎2011 Boston Street Battle Results:
1st: Keegan Smith
2nd: Brandon Ford
3rd: Dave Hartnett
4th: Kyle Couture
5th: Dylan Hopp

Bulletprufe Skate Denim - Casey Wilson Park Edit

Bulletprufe Skate Denim - Casey Wilson Park Edit from Bulletprufe Denim on Vimeo.

Bulletprufe Team Rider Casey Wilson of Charlotte, NC shredding skateparks all around the Southeast.
Edited By: Ryan Timms

"ORIGINALS" Part 1: Sean Kelso

"ORIGINALS" Part 1: Sean Kelso from Create Originals on Vimeo.

CREATE ORIGINALS™ presents an online team video series, "Originals". The first installment, Part 1, features pro team rider Sean Kelso. Filmed primarily in Boston, Philadelphia, and Kansas City Missouri.

http://createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... http://customshop.createoriginals.com

Guillaume Le Gentil: Time Dvd (Taryf), Bonus edit

Guillaume Le Gentil - RB/GC/CnR/Taryf - TIME DVD Bonus edit from mij on Vimeo.

This is a bonus edit of the French DVD TIME out now and available at Click n Roll, Pierrequiroule and Terre de glisse skateshops.

Jan Nachbur (CH): USD Rolling Rock, Park edit

Andrew Nemiroski: Untitled, 2011

Untitled, 2011 from Andrew Nemiroski on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Kyle Couture, Smokes, Gabe Holm, :( , and Tom Leong for filming.
Shouts outs to the dude Tom Leong.

Alexis Valles: “Backsliding” Edit (2011)

Alexis Valles "Backsliding" from Raf on Vimeo.

Alexis Valles backsliding Clermont-Ferrand's skate-park.
October 2011

Tyler Hester: Chosen Few, Preview

Tyler Hester On 1 from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

Just a preview of things to come.
Check us out on Facebook

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tin - Carbon 3 Test (by hadji100)

October '11 (by CTroller)

Jeff Stockwell: Themgoods Edit (by Ivan Narez)

Jeff Stockwell Themgoods Pro Series Edit (Introducing TS Grade) from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Jeff Stockwell Themgoods Pro Series Edit
San Francisco, Ca.
By Ivan Narez

The Jeff Stockwell TS Grade Pro Bearing
Now shipping to your favorite shops

check out the Themgoods Goods Distribution 2011 Winterlines...(PDF includes...Valo,Themgoods, The Youth Co., Dyna)



WAO @ AIL 2011

http://vimeo.com/31987913 from We Are One Skate Park on Vimeo.

Track: Can I get Open
Artist: Jay-Z
Track: Me and You
Artist: Nero

November 4-5, 2011, We Are One Skatepark went out to Woodward West for the 2011 AIL World Championships. We were mobbin deep with Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jon Easy, Tony Rivituso, Chris Napoleon, Richie Rodriguez, Mat Farnworth, and Zach Nelson.

This was our experience there, enjoy!

We Are One Team Riders Section

Check us out @ WEARE1SK8.COM

Friday, November 11, 2011

2 More Boston Street Battle Edits

After Work Skate (by ATXrollerblader)

Chynna Weierstall: 2011 Mini box

Mini box from Chynna on Vimeo.

Made a mini box out of a bookshelf. Skated it a bunch of different ways in my backyard and took it to some spots got some clips before i got kicked out of a couple of them.

FOR (Inlinegloria, Brazil): Summer 2012, Promo Edit

The FOR is a multidisciplinary brand that moves in the field of urban fashion, contemporary art and street skating. From Rio de Janeiro, but with a totally different, is not focused on beachwear, but turned the city of Rio.

Contemporary and with a totally different look of the city has as its advocates FOR, photographers, tattoo artists, filmmakers, visual artists and skaters.

The 1st Campaign, Summer 2012, was titled inlinegloria, a term created by the movement of Brazilian street skates. All the graphic was based on that feeling, with images and colors inspired by Russian Constructivism and aviation war.

The FOR gets strong market street fashion as the first brand in the segment having as head the office and not roller skate street.

Jimi Paszkiewicz: Edit (by Steve Matiasek)

Jimi Shred from Steve...M on Vimeo.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alex Burston - Quick Clips (by skatd0g)

Just a couple of clips from a recent TNS @ UKSKATE.



Testing New K2 skates @ School (by hansh222)

Sometimes We Still Rollerblade (Occasionally)

Sometimes from kenneth owens on Vimeo.

Fred Castro (32, Brazil): G9 2011 Edit

Genesys G9 Fred Castro Brasil PROMO from Fred Castro on Vimeo.

Just a little PROMO video I did for my Brasil inline Sponsor.
Edited by: Fred Castro
Post production and CG: Fred Castro
Filming by: Debora Andrade and Sandro Shayne Dutra

Damien Wilson: Fester, Making-of a Photo


This photo was originally intended for Be-Mag. I was shooting an interview
entirely of "MAN MADE" obstacles. I built one obstacle for each of my sponsors.
I filmed the process by myself so the shots aren't everything I wanted for the building
portion. So this is episode #1 of "Makings of a one of a kind photo". I hope you enjoy.
-Damien Wilson

John Sullivan: Names Section (2003) (by Anthony Medina)

Names - (03 of 11) John Sullivan from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

Stephan Mohr: Street Edit, Summer & Autumn 2011

Stephan Mohr Street Edit from Stephan Mohr on Vimeo.

Cameron Card: It Was a Heavy Heart to Carry 2010-2011

It Was a Heavy Heart to Carry 2010-2011 from Cameron Card on Vimeo.

For more info visit www.welovetoroll.com

Don Bambrick: USD Edit (by Paul John)

USD Don Bambrick Carbon 3 Pro Skate from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

New USD Don Bambrick Carbon 3's are available now, worldwide!
filmed and edited by Paul John @ www.midnightcinema.com

Colombia, Blading Finals (Yopal): Promo Edit

Promocional final ranking nacional 2010-2011 YOPAL from Proyecto Sur on Vimeo.

Edit: Juan Camilo Rodriguez Afanador
Presentado por: Proyecto Sur LTDA
un vistazo de lo que ha sido el ranking nacional de patinaje extremo colombiano 2010-2011 e invitación a la gran final en YOPAL el 11, 12, 13 y 14 de noviembre con la presencia de 4 de los mejores patinadores del mundo Chris Haffey, Brian Aragon, Franky Morales y Dre Powell y contando con aval de los World Rolling Series como campeonato de DOS estrellas!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Boston Street Battle 2011 (by Ian Hutchinson)

Ian Hutchinson presents Boston Street Battle 2011 from NERB.TV on Vimeo.

Spot 1 Big Red curve ledge:
1st: Keegan Smith
2nd: Scott Campbell
3rd: John O'Donnell

Spot 2 Fields Corner School:
1st: Brandon Ford
2nd: Dylan Hopp
3rd: Kyle Couture

Spot 3 Ronan Park:
1st: Dave Hartnett
2nd: Kyle Couture
3rd: Keegan Smith

2011 Boston Street Battle Results:
1st: Keegan Smith
2nd: Brandon Ford
3rd: Dave Hartnett
4th: Kyle Couture
5th: Dylan Hopp

Rollerblade Newjack 3 Skates

Shell / Upper : TRS Soft external cuff with skin.

Liner: Specialized Street Fit and footbed

Closure: Cuff with locking buckle. 45° Power Strap and laces.

Frame: TRS Street Zytel. Super-Lock groove.

Wheels: 55mm 89A.

Bearings: SG5.

AIL World Finals 2011: Official Edit, Results, Photos

Here is the official 2011 AIL World Finals highlight edit uploaded by Inlineleague.com.

It features amateur bladers all the way up to the Elite Division, where the field of competitors included Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey, Dave Lang and more ; battling for $1,200 in prize money presented by Intuitionskate & Inlineleague.

Filmed & edited by Preston Richardson.

You can also check out an amazing 70 image gallery of the 2011 AIL Finals by Armando Colunga ; pics include Julian Bah, Dave Lang, Brian Aragon, Rob G, Jeff Stockwell, Chris Haffey, and more.

Intuition ; AIL Elite Division, Results

Chris Haffey – $1,000
Dave Lang – $100
John Vossoughi – $100

AIL 2011 World Championships from Daniel Scarano on Vimeo.

Razors Dre Powell 2: Release Edit (by Phillip Long)

Official release of Razors Dre Powell’s 2nd Pro Model. Watch while Dre Powell and Brian Aragon put the skates to the test. Surprise rider at the end, keep an eye out.

Chris Haffey: Air Fise Marseille, World Record Teaser

Air Fise Marseille World Record Teaser by fise

Anthony Williams: Two days with Carbon 2 Olives (by Daniel Scarano)

Anthony Williams - Two days with Carbon 2 Olives from Daniel Scarano on Vimeo.

Two days with Anthony Williams skating his Carbon 2 Olives.
Shot and edited by Daniel Scarano


Erik Bailey: Dayshapes Section (by Erik Bill)

Erik Bailey - DAYSHAPES from erik bill on Vimeo.

Erik Bailey's part from Dayshapes. The NDN 2011
Filmed & Edited by Erik Bill
Pick up the DVD or Blu-Ray to see the full video.
Order from your favorite skateshop or directly from The NDN at http://www.thendn.bigcartel.com
Keep up to date on the tribe at http://www.thendn.blogspot.com
'Like' The NDN on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-NDN/197020787013540

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beast Coast The Movie Trailer 2

The countdown is on... I for one can not wait for this video to drop!

Richie Eisler : Venezuela, TopSoul 2011 Edit

Richie Eisler TopSoul Venezuela 2011 from TopSoul Venezuela on Vimeo.

El pro skater de "Universal Skate Desing" Richie Eisler, visito Venezuela por 7 maravillosos dias, en este video les mostraremos imagenes muy alentadoras fruto del gran trabajo que se realizo por varias semanas entre TopSoul Venezuela, Kamikazes Store y The Conference, realmente se pasaron momentos hermosos, el pro visito varias ciudades de venezuela, disfruto mucho de su estadia. Muchos patinadores tuvieron el agrado de conocerlo en persona, el motivo por el que Richie estuvo en Venezuela fue por el gran Torneo Nacional que organizamos,invito a todos a consumir nuestros productos para que se sigan abriendo mas puertas esto es solo el comienzo visita nuestros sitios.

Muy pronto: www.topsoulshop.com

Facebook TopSoul Venezuela: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Topsoul-Venezuela/163375967044949

Agradecimientos especiales: Emil Santiago,Luis Gainza,Oli Benet, Richie Eisler,Vane Cruz, Moises Maturana, entre otro.

Edición: Victor Manuel "Chicho"
Filmación: Lari Dal Lago,Emil,Moises, entre otros compañeros.

Xsjado JC Rowe Boot

Kamonluck Kanisthanon (8), Skate Under Sunlight 2011

Skate Under Sunlight 2011 from Kamonluck Kanisthanon on Vimeo.

KL8ER (Koh Loy Skater) Present ...Kamonluck 's VDO on June 2011.

Gitan Klan (GTK): 2011 Tour

GTK Tour 2011 : Leftovers part:1 from 21Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Here is the rough cut made with the leftovers of gtk tour 2011. retracing the first steps, the meeting in Marseille (France) and the crossing of Spain

Halloween Jam 2011 @ Forward Freestyle (Belgium)

Forward Freestyle Halloween Jam 2011 from RVB-pictures on Vimeo.

Halloween session 2011 at Forward Freestyle skatepark. 17 ovenstraat Roeselare, Belgium
Edit : Tony Martins
Skaters : Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Francis Ali, Jeremy Suarez, Frederic Vanderbregt ( M'Break), Bjorn Elias, Guillaume Debuf, Cedric Burgard ( Storm), Romain Godenaire , Wouter Legrand, Dries Boekhot, Vincent Dupont, Jerome "?", Anthony Aymard

Emilio Subira (Xsjado Spain Team)

Emilio Subira. Xsjado Spain Team from Sickemil on Vimeo.

Emilio Subira. Xsjado Spain team. Emilio Subira profile for xsjado spanish team presantation.

Dano Gorman, Blake Bird & Rosie O’ Donoghue at Woodward: Slaptap Edit

Shima Skate Manufacturing: Holiday 2011

Check this edit (on vimeo) featuring Joey Chase, John Bolino, Matty Schrock, Leon Humphries, Adam Brierley & Bj Burnhardt.

Montre Livingston Encore, Pro Skates

Marc Moreno, Pro Skates

Showdown at the Hoedown 2011 (by Anthony Medina)

Showdown at the Hoedown 2011 from Anthony Medina on Vimeo.

The 15th and final Hoedown. This year it was pretty much a TX comp and it just shows how strong the scene is here. Props to JSully for taking the win. Thanks to Luis Lozano for filming some crowd shots and b-roll with the GOPRO and Eric Cruz for contributing some clips.
SONG: Led Zeppelin - How Many More Times

Adrien Anne: Grindhouse, Roeselare (Belgium)

Adrien Anne Grindhouse edit in Roeselare. from The Confrérie on Vimeo.

Adrien has been skating on the grindhouse pro team for few years now.
He went to Roeselare in Belgium to film and dedicate the edit to the skateshop for everything they did for him!
http://www.grindhouse.eu/ all you need to roll

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tuesday Night Skate October 2011 (by skatd0g)

Sean Kelso - the last week of Summer

Sean Kelso - the last week of Summer from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

From the end of this summer, 5 days in LA with Sean Kelso.
Skating his signature grey USD Carbon 2's
Edited by Paul John


Andrew Jacuzzi, Keaton Newsom and Friends: Valo, Hoedown 2011

Andrew Jacuzzi, Keaton Newsom and Friends.. Valo Hoedown! from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Cuzzi, Newsom and Friends.. Valo Hoedown!

Dylan Voisard: Texas Curse Section (by Jordan Smith)

Dylan Voisard - TEXAS CURSE from Jordan Smith on Vimeo.

Dylans section from Texas Curse duh.
Dylan is a steez.
Somebody once lost ten dollars when he bet that Dylan was Billy Oneil.
Dylan needs new skates.
Somebody once won ten dollars when he bet that Dylan wasnt Billy Oneil.
Dylan is my homie
Dylan editted this himself

Erik Bill: Short Edit (by Gavin Fitch)

Erik Bill from Gavin Fitch on Vimeo.

Razors Argentina: Flow Team Edit

Damien Gerard (Nancy, France): 2011

damien gerard edit 2011 from KENNY on Vimeo.

image by : Olivier Furger
nord est team and kenny
edit by kenny
song : Pain - shut your mouth

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Downloads of the Month: November

So I just realized that I missed posting a download for all of you last month... so I've decided to drop two videos here for you now!

Here are two classic old school films from the Second Regime team; Sell Your Soul to Roll (2002) and Hot 102R (2004).

2nd Regime 'Sell Your Soul to Roll' (2002) AVI, M4V, MP4, TPB
2nd Regime 'Hot 102R' (2004) AVI, M4V, MP4, TPB

You can start by checking out Dustin Halleran's 'Hot 102R' section that was posted on YouTube.

I'm also going to double up on the bonus links this month too, since November is the month of Thanksgiving....

Here's a collection Suburban Noize Records albums, including the Kottonmouth Kings, Kingspade, Saint Dog, Dirtball, Big B and more!

Also, for those of you hockey fans out there (especially Bruins fans like myself), here is a 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs video pack, including all 7 games from the Finals, Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and the Official Boston Bruins Championship DVD!

Hope you all are enjoying these downloads, and I'll try not to forget to do them every month!

Jake Cawley - proVoke 2011 Edit

Texas Hoedown 15 (by Pat Leal)

Texas Hoedown 15 from Pat Leal on Vimeo.

The Truth II (2009): B.Roll

The Truth 2 B.Roll from Austin Paz on Vimeo.

Some bonus footage from The Truth 2 DVD by Colin Kelso, Sean Kelso & Austin Paz (2009)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eulogy "Tire" Review (by Eric Miller)

EricMiller....Eulogy "Tire" Review from eric miller on Vimeo.

Wheel review i did for some eulogys that are in the works....about a month of bladin on em and they held up just grand...
songs: the pack ad- bone handle and whats up there

Hoedown 2011 (by Jordan Smith)

Hoedown 2011 from Jordan Smith on Vimeo.


Hoedown 2011

Every year for the last fifteen years, rollerbladers from all over the world gather once a year at Eisenberg Skatepark in Plano, TX. They come together compete in one of the most grueling contests of their sport. Eisenbergs Skatepark is officially closing and the 15th annual Showdown at the Hoedown was the last of the series.

This is a catalog of the events I captured on 10/29/11 at the Hoedown. I have been attending the Hoedown since 2005.


How To: Adjust USD Transformer Skates

USD - Transformer - Size Adjustment (How To) from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.


Catering for the future of our sport, we created a skate that is size adjustable, which is just what youngsters with growing feet need.

We know that skaters who want to learn to skate aggressively need to be taken seriously, and unlike many other brands or superstore skates, we provide the perfect setup to allow the skater to achieve any of the tricks veterans of the sport can do on their full sized skates. The skates come with soulplates with a royale groove, grooved Kizer midget frames and USD wheels. - This ain't no toy!

Size range: 33-36EU or 37-40EU

Brian Aragon: Game Theory Section

Stephane Alfano: 2011 Forward Freestyle, Park Edit

http://vimeo.com/31460789 from adrien anne on Vimeo.

Kaltik's skater Stephane Alfano went to Forward in Roeselare (Belgium) to discover the skatepark.
He had the chance to skate it for few days and here is the video.
Enjoy it.

Stephen Swain: 2011 Ukskate Kaltik Edit

Stephen Swain - Ukskate/Kaltik Edit 2011 from Stephen S. on Vimeo.

Thanks to Steve Bass from Ukskate.com and Conor Manweiler from Kaltik Hardware for all the support they give me.
Sound - Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome Back To Yellow Rail (by ogfeez)

Boston Street Battle 2011

Saturday, November 5 at 11:00am. Starting at the curved ledge in JP.
Check the Facebook event page for updates...

Erick Rodriguez & Julian Bah: Halloween 2011

E. Rod and J. Bah - 10.31.11 from 9TO5Mixtapes on Vimeo.

Filmed By : Rachard Johnson, Franky Morales, Erick Rodriguez, Jeremy Soderburg, and Julian Bah
Additional Cameras By : Joe Navron, Phillip Long, and Dre Powell
Photography and Lighting By : Armando Colunga
Edited By : Erick Rodriguez
Music By : T.I. - Niggas in Parris (Remix) and J. Cole Feat. Jay-Z - Mr. Nice Watch

A Little Raw Food with Jacob Juul

A little raw food with Juul. Oct. 31 from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.

Leftover footage...

Cody LaPlant: Summer 2011

Cody LaPlant- Summer 2011 from Cody LaPlant on Vimeo.

Summer footage, a few fall clips in there as well.
Thanks to everyone who filmed, especially ben.
"Linda" By The Starfires

Maxime Genoud: Urban Kreation Edit

Maxime Genoud from urban kreation on Vimeo.

Most of the new generation forgot that rollerblading is about rolling in the first place, Maxime is definitely not one of them.
He's almost every day on his rollerblades and enjoy doing hammers as much as rolling down the streets.
I've known him for years and what I can say about him is that when it comes to compete and lay scary stunts is always there to push the limits further.
This edit was shot during a sunny day in his hometown, Lausanne.

Shot by Geoffroy Dubreuil and Pierrick Dind
Edited by Geoffroy Dubreuil

MUSIC:  Band: Black Angels
Songs: "You On The Run" & "Young Men Dead"

Dmitriy Shuganov (Belarus Razors Flow): 2011




Chris Farmer Profile Section from the Video WORDS

ONE Blade Mag

ONE rollerblading magazine



Street Artist Urethane

TheConference News